Led by survivors. Informed by evidence. 

Our holistic, battle-tested approach is grounded in the experiences of girls, boys, trans- and non-binary youth who have survived the ugly realities of sexual exploitation. They’ve done more than survive. They’ve come back with newfound wisdom and strength.

Their resilience inspires the voices of many who stand tall and rebuild their lives. Our mentors, survivors themselves, provide stability, community and hope to exploited children. Our partners and allies stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, in the fight for change and social justice.


Survivor Empowerment

We provide intensive, consistent support with a multidisciplinary, survivor-led team to provide community and stability for our mentees.



Our nationally-acclaimed curriculum and strategic prevention solutions teach disproportionately vulnerable girls to protect themselves from predators.


Training & Advocacy

We work closely with service providers, law enforcement officials and law makers to create sustained change in behavior, policy and practice.



The evidence speaks for itself.

In 2018, a National Institute of Justice-funded evaluation of our programs elevated our model to Evidence-Informed.

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In 2018, a National Institute of Justice-funded evaluation of our programs elevated our model to Evidence-Informed. What’s more, we deliver proven results.


Survivor Mentoring

  • Youth were three times less likely to be sexually exploited after being with My Life My Choice for six months.

  • After one year with My Life My Choice, youth were 1.4 times more likely to have adequate social support.

  • Coping skills and social support increased; drug use, depression, police detention and arrest decreased.

Exploitation Prevention Program

  • Knowledge about commercial exploitation of children increased in 100% of youth.

  • Experiences of commercial sexual exploitation decreased 55% immediately after participating in our program.

  • 100% of youth reported talking to a friend about the dangers of exploitation.

Professional Training & Advocacy

  • Initially, girls were referred to us after years of exploitation. Today, it’s at the first sign of risk. This highlights the progress we’ve made in helping professionals identify victims and high-risk, hard-to-reach youth.

  • Over the next three years, we will train more than 10,000 providers, law enforcement and allies across the country.