What ISN'T Shocking About The Jeffrey Epstein Case

The latest news is a strong indicator and proof positive of our purpose. It's about time that investigations are leading to indictments intended to be carried out.

What ISN’T shocking about the Jeffrey Epstein case:

 1) A wealthy white businessman is buying sex from minors.

 The demand for sex by men with power and privilege fuels this multi-billion dollar industry.

2) The girls being bought and sold are among the most vulnerable in our communities—many come from the child welfare system, many have run away from abusive situations.

85% of the girls that My Life My Choice serve come from these exact situations.

3)  The victimized girls were as young as 14 years old.

 14 is the average age that our girls report having been first exploited.

 4)  It took a long time for him to be held accountable.

 Enough said. It's about time.


A great summary of this case by New York Magazine can be read here.