Empowering youth. Ending exploitation.

Our fervent conviction is that no child should be bought or sold. At My Life My Choice, it is our daily fight. Our holistic, battle-tested approach is grounded in survivor experiences of those who have lived the ugly realities of exploitation and come back fierce, wise, and strong. We serve as a model for communities across the country set on changing not only lives, but the structural inequities that give rise to trafficking and sexual exploitation. We understand that violence to one girl is a threat to us all. Her story is our story; her strength, her resolve, and ultimately her resilience fuels a better future for us all.


Social justice. Not just social services.

The young people served by My Life My Choice enter the sex trade at an average age of 14. This doesn’t just happen in someone else’s neighborhood. It happens in our neighborhood. In every neighborhood. Our work – our urgent strategic endeavor – is to end this violence once and for alll.

Our Fight

The fight goes on. Stand up with us.

Since 2002, we’ve successfully mentored and supported more than 500 survivors who, through grit and resolve, found a path forward and discovered the power of their own voice. Her story is important. It’s our story, too.


Our holistic, proven approach.

We are the leading comprehensive, evidence-informed approach to end the sexual exploitation of girls and help them reclaim their lives.


Survivor Empowerment

Survivors have strength. We help them turn it into power by supporting them as they rebuild their lives, find their voices and become powerful leaders.




We reach disproportionately vulnerable girls and help them reduce their risk by providing a safety net of proven, evidence-based solutions



Training & Advocacy

We train allies and advocates. Our training programs are proven to make maximum impact in the most cost-effective manner. 



 Our Voice