Prevention is our most powerful tool.

Our prevention programs reach disproportionally vulnerable girls and provide them a safety net of proven solutions, grounded in evidence, to protect them from predators and exploitation. 

In 2018, we provided prevention groups for approximately 168 girls in Greater Boston as well as supported state and national partners to reach hundreds more.

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The My Life My Choice Prevention Solution Model

Awareness about commercial sexual exploitation of youth is a start, but it’s not nearly enough. Our Prevention Solution Model focuses on bringing about shifts in behavior, in practice and policy. Only then can we achieve sustained system-wide change. My Life My Choice offers a strategic and effective prevention model for partners serving girls at risk of exploitation in Massachusetts and across the nation.


The My Life My Choice Exploitation Prevention Curriculum

The first comprehensive exploitation prevention curriculum in the nation, our nationally‐acclaimed ten‐session exploitation prevention curriculum equips disproportionately vulnerable girls with the tools and knowledge needed to protect themselves from exploiters. 

What Sets the My Life My Choice Prevention Curriculum Apart

  • Developed in 2002, the My Life My Choice Exploitation Prevention Curriculum was the first comprehensive prevention curriculum in the country. 

  • While the Curriculum can be used as primary prevention, it is primarily a secondary and tertiary level of prevention, designed to reach the most vulnerable girls; those who are disproportionately at risk for victimization and those who are involved with the child welfare system.

  • The Curriculum is gender specific and gender responsive.

  • The Curriculum was developed, written, and reviewed by survivors of exploitation.

  • Best practice is that the Curriculum be co-facilitated by a survivor of exploitation. 

  • The Curriculum provides an in depth look at participants’ vulnerabilities and helps girls shift if they are already on the path towards exploitation.

  • It is appropriate fit for youth in congregate care settings.

  • Recently evaluated through a National Institute for Justice three-year grant to move toward evidence-based. 

As a My Life My Choice Certified Facilitator, benefits include:

  • Membership to our Online Community which provides ongoing support contact with other facilitators across the country. 

  • Access to My Life My Choice webinars.

  • Data collection tools and customized reports

  • Continued support, consultation, and technical assistance from My Life My Choice staff.

Facilitators from 33 states and Canada have been trained on our Curriculum to run Exploitation Prevention Groups with vulnerable girls in their programs and communities.  Get trained to become a Certified Facilitator. 


Strategic Prevention Partners

The My Life My Choice Prevention Curriculum empowers youth with information and tools to protect themselves; however, to be most successful in preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children, we must shift the way youth are served.  To learn more about becoming a Strategic Partner and our Prevention Solution Model contact us today. 


“All children walking through our doors are at risk of exploitation, whether they have histories or not. A program that provides education, resources, and honesty, creates a safe space for all our kids to explore their vulnerabilities, but more importantly harness their strengths in finding their voice and choice along the recovery journey.”

Kristin Corkum, Assistant Clinical Director, Cohannet Academy