Empowered individuals do amazing things.

At My Life My Choice survivors reclaim their power. Our survivor mentoring programs help them rebuild their lives, find their voices and become leaders in the fight to end commercial sexual exploitation.

In 2018, we reached 222 vulnerable youth and provided intensive mentoring and survivor empowerment services to 152 girls, five boys, and one transgender youth in Massachusetts.


Our one-on-one Survivor Mentor Program is the heartbeat of everything we do. It’s led and guided by the experience of survivors. Survivors make it authentic and research tells us it works. We mentor young survivors and help them build the intangible skills they need to be successful, healthy adults. These include self-worth, a positive self-image, the ability to trust, and the tools to know how and where to seek help when they need it. It’s a powerful relationship that brings together an exploited youth, or a youth suspected of being exploited, with an adult female survivor of the commercial sex industry.

Contact us if you have any questions about referring a mentee or our mentoring services.

Leadership Development

Our Leadership Corps program is designed to give young survivors, who are often overlooked as leaders, the opportunity to find and use their voice. It’s a strength-based initiative that builds their leadership skills within the organization as well as the larger national movement against exploitation. 

Intensive case Management

Mentees count on our in-depth, trauma-informed and personalized support to help them manage educational and career planning, life-skills, health and wellness, and substance abuse.

Community Building

Belonging is important for everybody, but it can make all the difference for exploited and marginalized youth. We host events and programs throughout the year to build community spirit among our mentees and staff.


“In the deepest, darkest days of my life I did not believe in myself, but with the help of my mentor at My Life My Choice, I got out of my own way and now I am a brand new person.”

Nina, age 15, My Life My Choice Mentee